Tana Toraja Destinations Indonesia and Recommendations for Amazing Tourist Places

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Tana Toraja Destinations Indonesia and Recommendations for Amazing Tourist Places
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TORAJA, JALANJALANAJA- Tana Toraja Regency is one of the regencies in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The capital of this district is in the Makale sub-district. Tana Toraja has an area of 2,054.30 km² and in 2021 has a population of 270,489 people with a density of 132 people/km².

Tana Toraja is one of the districts in South Sulawesi which has a variety of amazing tourist objects.

Exotic natural tourism and cultural diversity will make tourists amazed. Tana Toraja can be reached by land or air. The land route will usually take 8 to 9 hours. Meanwhile, if you go by air, it might only take an hour.

Arriving at Tana Toraja, tourists will be faced with various tourist options. The following are tourist recommendations that must be included in the Tana Toraja tourism shortlist.

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5 Places You Must Visit When Vacationing in Tana Toraja

  • Lemo Cave


Lemo Cave is a mountain cliff used by local residents to bury their dead family or relatives. The body is put in a coffin. After making a hole in the mountain cliff, the chest is stored in this hole.

Unlike other graves, Lemo is easily accessible to the general public. The burial procedures for the typical Toraja nobles are the main attraction for tourists to see firsthand the tomb burrows in the rock caves. The whitish-patterned limestone hills give their own color hue so that the tomb is far from being haunted.

There are various wooden statues that adorn the hill tombs. According to local custom, the statue made must resemble a person who has died and his body is buried in a rock. Each family has its own place in the hill, as well as the arrangement of the wooden statues. If they are related by blood and family ties, the statues are lined up with their ancestors who died first.

Location: Sandan Uai Village, Sanggalangi District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province.
Ticket price: 20,000 IDR for three people

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  • Sumalu Sand Dunes


In Tana Toraja there are tourist destinations in the form of a stretch of sandy hills that are so slick. The sand dune with its sloping shape will spoil the eyes of tourists immediately looking at it.

Gumuk Pasir Sumalu, the name used to be, Gumuk Pasir Sumalu is often referred to as Bukit Pa'buyan. The sand area here is easily carried by the wind, so it can create a beautiful view when the wind blows.

This sand area is not just any mound, the sand that is easily carried by the wind paints a beautiful and artistic landscape. No doubt, taking pictures in this place always produces great photos. To get to the sand dunes, you have to travel from the Rantepao route and it will take more than an hour (25 kilometers distance).

Location: Rantebua Sumalu, Rantebua, North Toraja, South Sulawesi
Ticket price: 10,000 IDR (parking)

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  • Buntu Burake's Jesus statue


Basically this place is a spiritual tourist attraction for Christians. However, anyone can enjoy the spectacular natural scenery from the glass bridge. To reach Buntu Burake hill, you travel about seven hours via the Poros Baru Makassar road. The location of this statue is in the city of Makale, right on the hill of Buntu Burake. The construction of this statue replicates the style of the statue in Rio De Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer.

With the opening of this spiritual area, at least tourists can enjoy the height of the hill with easier and safer access. The glass bridge that surrounds the statue is the longest glass bridge in Indonesia, with a length of about 90 meters. Being on this glass bridge, it feels like you are floating above the heights. If you want to enjoy a spectacular view, come as early as possible to see the sunrise with white clouds around it.

Location: Bationuntu Burake Hill, Makale City, South Sulawesi.
Opening hours: Every day, 6.00-22.00 WITA
Entrance ticket: 50,000 IDR/person

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  • Bori Kalimbuang or Bori Parinding


The Bori Kalimbuang area is similar to Stonehenge. Bori Kalimbuang is a menhir made at the funeral of a corpse. The size and technique of making this simbuang or stone reflects the social status of its owner. the higher the stone made, the greater the number of buffalo used during traditional ceremonies of death and the higher the degree of nobility of the person.

It takes a lot of energy to produce stones like the one in Bori Kalimbuang. The price of the stone is reportedly also competitive with house rentals. Naturally, to get the menhir stone, the family left behind must ask for help or pay a porter to take the stone from the top of the mountain and polish it in such a way. Then the stones are rolled together to the Bori Kalimbuang complex. It took dozens of people working to polish it to deliver it. The retrieval process is also difficult and high risk. Moreover, if the deceased is from a rich person, the size of the stone affects the social strata, the higher the stone is made, the larger the number of buffalo used during traditional ceremonies of death and the higher the degree of nobility of the person.

Location: Bori, Sesean, North Toraja, South Sulawesi
Ticket price: IDR 5000 (parking)

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