The Enchantment of Raja Ampat Tourism Destinations: Underwater Paradise Papua Indonesia

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The Enchantment of Raja Ampat Tourism Destinations: Underwater Paradise Papua Indonesia
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RAJAAMPAT, JALANJALANAJA- The Raja Ampat Islands are a series of four adjacent islands located in the western part of the Bird's Head, Papua Island. Administratively, this group is under the Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province.

Raja Ampat is one of the popular marine tourism in Papua which offers amazing natural charm. It has several islands with underwater beauty and beaches that are favorite destinations for snorkeling and diving lovers.

Papua is known to be an area with a unique culture and tourism. How not, Raja Ampat is one of the islands that is very similar to birds and becomes an interesting tourist spot. The name of Raja Ampat itself has the meaning of four kings with amazing beauty.

Not only that, marine tourism in Papua is the best area for diving. For this reason, this island will be visited every year by tourists from within the country and even abroad.


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Address & Route to Raja Ampat Location

Raja Ampat is located in one of the districts that are still included in the province of West Papua. To be able to go to the island, then you have to come to Sorong City first. Generally, tourists will use flights to get to the city.

Furthermore, from the city of Sorong will use a fast boat to get to Waisai which is the capital of this district. From the city of Sorong to the city of Waisai it takes approximately 2 hours to 3 hours.

Although access to get to this place has limitations. However, Raja Ampat itself always makes improvements so that it can provide various kinds of facilities for all groups.


There is a very diverse marine life that makes Raja Ampat Island a famous tourist destination. The island itself is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans so the temperature on the island is very suitable for tourists to dive.

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Not only the natural wealth under the sea, Raja Ampat also has many interesting things above the surface of the ocean. Lots of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the Raja Ampat islands. Generally, this beach has white sand and has a fineness close to flour. In addition, there are many islands that form a row of high cliffs in Raja Ampat. In fact, some places such as Piaynemo, Kabui Bay, and Wayag have been known to the world before they were known domestically. Tropical forests are no less interesting, there are even places such as Sawinggrai village or Saporkrein village that offer an unforgettable experience seeing Cenderawasih birds up close. As we know, the Cenderawasih bird is a rare and beautiful bird typical of Papua which is often referred to as the bird of paradise.

Not finished with the natural wealth, Raja Ampat also has a variety of culture and arts that are very unique and interesting. Several villages in Raja Ampat have indeed confirmed their existence as tourist villages, one of which is Arborek Village. This village, which is located on a small island, has a lot of arts, ranging from traditional dances, Sinole food made from sago, to Arborek's woven pandanus leaf crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation. Arborek village is just one of the other villages with their own uniqueness.


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Various historical relics are also found in the islands which have ties to the Tidore sultanate, Maluku. Starting from some of the residents who have the blood of the Tidore Moluccas kingdom, relics of world war 2, to caves with hand-painted ancient humans are also widespread in Raja Ampat. Learning about the uniqueness of Raja Ampat seems endless, this is what makes this archipelago so successful to this day.

How rich the nature, history and culture of the Raja Ampat Islands are, making the world chuckle in awe. Now Raja Ampat has become one of the world's famous tourist destinations, it's just that due to limited access, to achieve it requires a lot of money. However, there is no need to worry, Raja Ampat is increasingly improving itself by providing various facilities for all people.

However, before planning a vacation to Raja Ampat, it's a good idea to make some preparations. For example, choosing transportation that can be used, accommodation while in Raja Ampat, including tourist options and locations to be visited.

The Attraction of Raja Ampat Papua

Even though it is located in a quite remote area, Raja Ampat Papua is a popular tourist destination throughout the year.

  • Become an Underwater Heaven

The most sought after attraction by tourists is the marine life on Raja Ampat Island. International conservation agencies have reported that this area has about 75% of marine species that exist worldwide. With a sea area of ​​​​about 4.6 million hectares, this place is home to 540 types of coral, 1,511 species of fish and thousands of other marine biota.

With the advantages possessed by tourist destinations. No wonder the islands have been named the most beautiful underwater paradise in the world.

  • Has Many Beautiful Beaches

Raja Ampat Island is one of the areas that has many beaches. Generally all beaches have white and fine sand almost like flour. not only that, there are so many islands that form a row of high cliffs.

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And the most unique thing on the island is Kabui Bay, Piaynemo and Wayag tours. Which is already very well known in the archipelago.

  • There is a Tropical Forest

This island has a lot of interesting tropical forests. Even in two villages named sawinggrai and also saporkrein, there are several rare and beautiful birds living. The two villages maintain and care for rare birds such as paradise birds. Which bird of paradise is a characteristic of Papua.

  • Have a Unique Culture

These islands also have a unique culture and are able to attract tourists. One of them is a tourist village called Arobek. Despite being a village located on a small island, the arts there are quite diverse.

Starting from traditional dances, making woven crafts from pandan leaves, and there are sinole foods made from sago. which has been passed down from generation to generation from the ancestors to the present.

Travel Costs to Raja Ampat Papua

to take a trip to Raja Ampat Papua will be much cheaper when together with a group. For 15 people only, per person will only be charged Rp. 500,000.

However, if you want to go together with a partner, of course the budget that is prepared must be a lot. Moreover, the cost of lodging there is quite decent and when using several services, such as speed boat rentals.

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Facilities Available in Raja Ampat Papua


  • Speed Boat Rental

To be able to explore the beauty of the sea in Raja Ampat, you can rent a speedboat that has been provided. There are several services that prepare speed boats so you don't need to be confused about finding a rental.

  • Number of Accommodations at Affordable Prices

As mentioned above, this island has a lot of inns ranging from resorts to hotels. Lodging can be easily searched by adjusting the budget you have. Moreover, all inns are equipped with commonly used facilities such as in-room toilets, free wi-fi and air conditioning.

  • Cheap Souvenir Shop

Some villages in this district do have a uniqueness in making unique items, so there are many souvenir shops there. And you can explore the souvenir shops that line up there to take as souvenirs.-23

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