Braga Street, Travel with a European Feel in Bandung

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Braga Street, Travel with a European Feel in Bandung
Braga Street, Travel with a European Feel in Bandung/pinterest


The city of Bandung has always been a favorite tourist destination choice every weekend for most residents of the capital and its surroundings.

Not only the cool nature, the beauty of the night city, and also some street tours make Bandung very attractive to visit during the holiday season.

One of them is Jalan Braga Bandung, the name of one of the main roads in the city of Bandung, West Java.

Much interesting from this path? As an area nicknamed Paris Van Java, Jalan Braga Bandung is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers.

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In addition, tourism objects are no less important to attracting visitors. That's why this road presents a thousand beauties that visitors need to feel.

In the past, Jalan Braga Bandung was only inhabited by a few shops, which were mostly dominated by Dutch traders.

However, after experiencing various kinds of developments, Jalan Braga Bandung is increasingly densely occupied by people and tourists who stop by the area.

There are many things to know about Jalan Braga Bandung. Starting from history, characteristics, tourist attractions, to culinary.

Jalan Braga Bandung is dominated by various kinds of shops that have a distinctive style and the same urban planning as the old-style during the Dutch colonial period. The distinctive style of buildings and urban planning follows the model used in Europe in the past.

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Many of the buildings on Jalan Braga are identified with typical European buildings. For example, the model building of the Asian-African Conference Museum, De Vries Building, De Majestic, Landmark Convention Hall, and other European-style buildings.

In addition, other important buildings can be found, such as the West Java Dekranasda Building, Sarinah Shop, Kimia Farma Pharmacy, Bank Jabar Banten Office, Antara National News Agency, and Sumber Dish Bakery. The building is spread along Jalan Braga Bandung, thus adding beauty to anyone who sees it.

If you talk about Braga Street, there are lots of tourist attractions that you can visit there

some culinary places whose delicious food is very famous in the archipelago.

Whenever you visit Bandung, it's a shame if you don't take the time to visit this one street. NN

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