Unexpected Beauty on Gili Gede Lombok, Lots of Fish and Pearls

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 Unexpected Beauty on Gili Gede Lombok, Lots of Fish and Pearls
Unexpected Beauty on Gili Gede Lombok, Lots of Fish and Pearls/pinterest


Indeed, many dykes have fallen in Lombok. Its beauty is undeniable. Always amazement and reverence grow once it reaches its location. Gili Gede, one of the dyke in Sekotong Lombok, and this is the biggest dyke there. Even so, this dyke is still relatively small compared to other dykes in Lombok. Is it the same as life? What does it mean?

Hmm, try to translate it yourself, buddy. Yes, that means we seem to have tried as much and as hard as we can, whatever other people's words and thoughts will always contradict us. So that's it, we just need to appreciate our hard work. Be nice to everyone, of course, and that's obligatory as a human being, but if it's at the expense of our mental health, I'm sorry, very sorry. Maybe that could be the reason.

Okay, so this time we want to talk about Gili Gede, there are so many charms that this Gili has to offer. Duh, the variety of peaceful people there moreover. But, okay, the first thing we have to know is that the route to Gili Gede is very, very easy, friend. It is located in the Sekotong sub-district, but if you depart from the city of Mataram, it only takes about 2 hours to arrive at Gili Gede. Hmmm, hurry! And of course, for lodging, you can use any vehicle to get to Gili Gede. And the most unique thing is that you can rent a speedboat to get to Pulau Gede. If you use a traditional fishing boat you can, but in fact, the time spent is also quite long compared to using a speedboat.

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On Gili Gede, you don't have to worry because the inns here are crowded, for example, the closest ones are at Yut Inn, Madak Belo, and Via Vacate. Well, stopping by Gili Gede, of course, doesn't have to look at the panorama of the sea or the island, we just peel it off with our eyes, but there's nothing wrong with learning about the lives of the local people too, my friend.

So you can really enjoy the various activities of the people around Gili Gede which are very, very simple in their daily lives. And yap, it's unique you know! Gili Gede with its abundant natural wealth makes the people there often catch and work and dive to catch pearls. Eh means to take pearls. Hehehe, how strange is Mimin's arrest? And yes, friends, these two professions have become the main professions of local residents.

Oh yes, the presence of five villages on Gili Gede is also very beautiful, friends, of course, you can try various Lombok food and drinks from the residents there. Surely this will be the most beautiful moment ever!

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