A million beauties on Mawun Beach, Lombok

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A million beauties on Mawun Beach, Lombok
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Hello! See you again this time with Mimin dePost Lombok, ok! Eh, btw, friends, dePost Lombok here, already know what we're going to talk about yet?

Yep! So true! This time we will discuss the beauty and beauty of Mawun beach, you know. Hey, has anyone been there before? Hey, why are you asking? Eits eits, or is there even someone who doesn't know this Mawun Beach at all? Come on, admit it, who doesn't know this beautiful beach. Hehehe, that's okay. Yok, let's discuss it together, friend dePost Lombok!

Yep, so this is it. This beautiful beach is precisely located in the southern part of Lombok, my friend.

It's true, yes, for the southern Lombok area or area it is indeed less well known compared to other Lombok areas, for example, let's call it West Lombok or East Lombok area. Well, especially when we have to discuss the various beautiful dyke that fall there, or including the beaches. But of course, you know, for the southern part of Lombok you don't want to lose either.

Eh, what do you mean you don't want to lose, Min? Yes, the beauty is not inferior to the Gilis or other beautiful beaches in Lombok. So, Mawun beach does have its charm.

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Even though it's true, in fact not many people know about this Mawun Beach, pal. Including tourists, both domestic and foreign, so so yeah here is never a mistake existed even you do not know what like this beach like or where it is located haha. But, do you know, if you are brave, if you come to Mawun Beach just once, you will be sure of how amazed and grateful you are, how big, and for how long. hihi.

Yep, after Mawun Beach, to be honest, it's really beautiful, you know. And don't be afraid that you will be bored when you come to this beach, as a result, there are a lot of activities you can do here.

Well, what's unique is that it's on the side of the Mawun beach, you know, pal. So like this, we usually often find that other beaches, of course, on the shores of the beach are full of welding sand plus combined with the hot sun with small-medium-to-large rolling waves.

Well, Mawun Beach is a bit unique, you know. This beach is part of the shoreline, in fact, it is flanked by two hills that exist there, both on the east side and another on the west side. And if we look at it, yes, these two hills are like the entrance gate of water from the ocean to Mawun Beach itself, the pal!

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