Very Impressive Beauty of the Waves at Selong Balanak Beach

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Very Impressive Beauty of the Waves at Selong Balanak Beach
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    Belanak Beach is enough or almost the same, buddy, with various other beaches on Sumbawa Island, which are like those with a fairly long coastline. but it is undeniable, that Selong Belanak Beach also has its beauty value, pal. Yes, my friend, dePost Lombok, please don't just know the gili, let alone Gili Trawangan. Hehehe, Gili Trawangan doesn't be angry, okay, just kidding. The point is so that you and all of us get to know our other kinds of Indonesian wealth, so that people in various places, especially those who work related to natural wealth, can be helped, amen hehe.

    Well, this time we finally discuss Selong Belanak Beach, so Mimin wants to invite you to the location of this beach itself, which is of course south of Central Lombok, aka still in West Nusa Tenggara Province too, pal. You can't forget how beautiful this beach is like on Gili or other beaches, so the result is the same, the seawater here is also very clear and the beach sand scattered nearby is also very very soft. Well, friends, dePost Lombok, of course, it's okay if you go to Mataram if you stop for a while to Selong Belanak Beach first. If your starting point is all from Mataram, it only takes about 60 kilometers to reach Selong Belanak Beach. And the road that is passed to reach this beach is indeed quite challenging, to be honest. Why, Mimi? Yes, because the road is quite steep, my friend, and winding. Then, the dePost buddy will also pass through a village called Mangkung Village, only then can you arrive at the entrance of Selong Village which is a hidden paradise in the area, huhu.

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    Well, the interesting side of this beach is when you realize, buddy, that the underwater part of this beach, especially the sandy one, is about 15 meters from the beach. Wow, quite far, yes, and indeed quite far, that's what makes him cool and unique. It's really good for playing sand throwing, eh hehe. Keep going, the view of the clear blue sea water also makes anyone's eyes rest in all directions while enjoying the wind there too. Well, the stretch of white sand certainly doesn't miss it, it even looks very perfect because it combines with a series of green hills that surround this beach.

Friends, it's okay to take off your shoes, then if you want to walk while jogging around the beach, it's really fun for sure. The sand is soft!

    Another interesting thing, of course, is the presence of two different types of waves that this beach has. What do you mean, Min? Yes, so Selong Belanak Beach does have two different types of waves, you know, pal? What God, for what? Yeah, I'm serious. Try it, Friend dePost, pay attention and it's often called people and tourists who play here if on the west side of this beach the waves are big but on the other hand, the waves are not too big, therefore these different waves are often used by tourists to surf aka surfing.

    So, if you want to surf and starve later, you can also stop by the series of restaurants built near this beach. Various culinary delights are certainly served there, hunger and thirst will instantly disappear. Huhu, the price is also relatively affordable. Don't get me wrong, uh lodging facilities, they are available. So when do you go to Selong Belanak Beach?

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