Psychology Hacks To Be More Attractive

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Psychology Hacks To Be More Attractive


some people feel isolated or not considered in an environment or community. Therefore, you must know how to make it look attractive. here are some ways to make you look attractive in your surroundings.

  1. Smile and make other smile

Smile often, it’s make you looks good, welcoming, attractive and give a positive vibes. Greet people with bright. If you give them your best smile, then the smile will appear in their face.

  1. Say people’s name

Calling someone by their name in a conversation in an effective way to reach attention and also spark attractive. Calling their name also makes they feel personally close to you.

  1. Hang out in a group

Hanging out in a grop is an affective way to reach attention. It’s the cheerleader effect. People feel that someone who’s hanging out in a group is more attractive. It is good if you try to hang out in a group sometimes.

  1. Prolouge the eye contact

When talking with someone you are interested in, look directly into their eyes. Prolouge eye contact increases the chances of two people falling in love, leads to greater level of attraction.

  1. Get a dog

Pets are the best conversation openers as well as carries should be.

  1. Mirror effect/chameleon effect

Mimick behavior, body language, actions gestures. Its increases the interest and liking towards the other person.

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  1. Always stay in well groomed state

You should show up in a well groomed state. Pay attention to a little things like hair, perfume, or dressing sense.

  1. Engage in adrenaline boostes

Adrenaline boosting activities when done with another person tricks their mind to believe that you are more attractive. Increased level of adrenaline, increased the level of attaction too!

  1. Don’t complain

Avoid criticism, complains and negative topic. Even if not everything is good in your life, start a pleasant conversation.

  1. Be a great storyteller

Ability to make almost every story interesting is a talent. Just try to learn the art of story telling. Use humor, especially self irony-the ability to laugh of yourself.

  1. Body language

Confidence is a key to be more attractive in the eyes of other. Keep your back straight and chin up. Speak in a higher pitched voice for woman and lower pitched voice for man.

  1. Learn to listen to other

Don’t consider yourself the world’s most important person. Listen and show interest in the conversation. People start feeling needed and special./Reg.

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