Mysteruous Market In Mount Lawu

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Mysteruous Market In Mount Lawu
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Climbing the mountain is of course a special attraction for traveling lovers who like adrenaline and challenging obstacles.
In addition to the winding road full of challenges, the beautiful scenery is the main reason for the desperate climbers to waste energy for their pleasure and satisfaction.
Before climbing we have to prepare some equipment and tools that must be brought, but the most important thing is to increase our vigilance because the mountain is a vast place that we do not know how it is.

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One of them is a spirit that lives in many mountainous settlements, call it "Pasar Satan" or "Pasar Bubrah" which is widely heard inhabiting Mount Lawu.
The location is a land on the slopes of Mount Lawu which is full of weeds and the wind is blowing quite hard. That said, when passing through this location, climbers often hear a noise like a market. There was a voice that seemed to offer to shop.
However, the land has a slightly steep road and strong winds, this location is one of the favorite locations for climbers to enjoy the beauty of nature and rest.

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But if you are unlucky when passing this location you will hear noises like being in the middle of the market, and there are even sounds like buying and selling bargains.
If you hear a whisper or someone offers something to buy just leave a coin or coin, and if you don't have it you can exchange it for something you think is valuable.
After that take a stone or pebble and take it home, it's like you have traded with a seller from the Unseen world.
But if you don't leave any Coins or anything after hearing that then you will be lost and the demon market spirit will take.
But if you don't leave Coins or anything after hearing that then you will be lost and the demon market spirits will take your soul because they think your life is a payment instrument that has been exchanged.

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