These are 7 Mountains in Indonesia, Which are Often Used as places for Supernatural

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These are 7 Mountains in Indonesia, Which are Often Used as places for Supernatural
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Indonesia has places that are still considered sacred and have mystical values. Some are considered to have a special function to seek the occult and special rituals.

One of them is a mountain that has magical powers and a spiritual atmosphere to provide knowledge or even a place of supernatural.

Well, here are some mountains in Indonesia which are said to be places of the supernatural.

1. Gunung Kawi in Malang Regency, East Java.

The mountain with an altitude of 2,551 meters above sea level (masl) has long been known as the most popular supernatural place in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia.

Various rituals must be carried out by these unreasonable blessing seekers such as salvation, ubo rampe, offerings, fighting over the leaves of the god ndaru which are considered as leaves of hope and luck, and slaughtering the chosen goat as a condition for supernatural.


2.Mount Kemukus in Sragen, Central Java.

The mountain, which is a small hill with an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, has also long been known as the location of the supernatural with rituals that are more absurd and even crazy. the perpetrator must perform ritual sex with women who are not their legal partners seven consecutive times.

3. Mount Srandil in Cilacap, Central Java.

On the mountain which is a coral hill on the coast of the South Sea coast, precisely in Gemplang Pasir Village, Adipala District, it is believed to be the remains of historical figures such as Kunci Sari and Dana Sari who were followers of Prince Diponegoro. Those who seek blessings to this mountain usually bring various offerings, in the form of flowers, slaughtered chickens, and even goats.

4. Mount Lawu on the border of Central Java and East Java.

This mountain with an altitude of about 3,265 meters above sea level has three main peaks, namely the Price of Dalem, the Price of Dumilah, and the Price of Dumiling which are mythical as a sacred place in the Land of Java. Price Dalem is believed by residents as the pamoksan of Prabu Bhrawijaya Pamungkas, Price Dumiling is believed to be the place of worship of Ki Sabdopalon, and Price Dumilah is a sacred place for meditation.

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5. Mount Tampomas in Sumedang, West Java.

This mountain with an altitude of 1,684 meters above sea level has an open area of ​​​​about 1 hectare at its peak called Sangiang Taraje. About 300 meters to the north of Sangiang Taraje there is a sacred tomb known as Pasarean.

It is said that there are two sacred tombs in Pasarean which are believed by many to be the patilasan of Dalem Samaji and Prabu Siliwangi.

6. Mount Padang in Cianjur Regency, West Java.

The name is a mountain even though it is only a small hill, the height is only 885 meters above sea level. What makes him famous is because there is a megalithic site that is thought to be a place of worship for the polytheists of the prehistoric community with the 'qibla' of worship facing Mount Gede.



In addition to being frequently climbed, climbers are also visited by pilgrims seeking blessings and even seekers of shortcuts to wealth. The location of the supernatural is on the slopes, precisely in Cangkringan, the southern slope of Merapi.

7. Mount Sumbing, Wonosobo, Central Java


The story of the Sumbing mountain supernatural turns out to be a threat to climbers. Many climbers are afraid of being disturbed by spirits or even being victimized by the supernatural. The story of climbers being sacrificed by Sumbing Mountain is indeed an old story that continues to grow until now.

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