Interesting Facts About Cats You Should Know

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Interesting Facts About Cats You Should Know
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Hi buddy! Do you have cats?

If you have, you will notice their sometimes cute and adorable behavior.

 This one animal has some unique facts. One of them is that they cannot taste sweet.

Cats, also known as domestic cats or house cats, are a type of carnivorous mammal from the family Felidae.

Here we summarize some unique facts about cats.

  1. Cats Can't Feel Sweet

Every mammal has a gene that allows them to taste sweetness. Sweet taste can be sensed through receptors located at the tip of the taste buds. The cells were named T1R2 and T1R3.

But cats can't taste sweet. This happens because the receptors do not work well, especially at the T1R2 receptor. And this is why they can't taste the sweetness.

  1. Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping

If you have a cat, you will often see your cat sleeping rather than playing.

It turns out that cats can sleep for a very long time. Cats can sleep 15 to 20 hours a day. This is because they need the energy to hunt.

Cats are still related to tigers and lions. This is also what causes them to love hunting.

  1. Cats Have the Same 95.6% Genes as Tigers

A study proved that domestic cats and tigers share 95.6% of the same genes.

This also makes it almost similar to a tiger, which likes to sniff, stalk, and pounce on its prey.

  1. Cats Can Run Very Fast

You may also see your cat running around from time to time. Usually, they run to avoid threats and things that are dangerous to them.

Cats can run at a speed of 30 mph. If converted to km / h is 48 km / h. This speed is equivalent to a medium-speed motorcycle.

  1. The Oldest Cat Is 30 Years Old

This cat in Austin, Texas, USA is 30 years and 3 days old. This is equivalent to a human lifespan of about 90 years. You could say this cat is old.

This cat is named Créme Puff. Lived from 1967 to 2005.

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