Tarek, Keciput Cake, and Seaweed Taffy Very Delicious from Lombok

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Tarek, Keciput Cake, and Seaweed Taffy Very Delicious from Lombok
Tarek, Keciput Cake, and Seaweed Taffy Very Delicious from Lombok | Pinterest


The other unique cake origins in Lombok which actually quite like telescope–shaped is tarek cake. Guys, have you known, that basically the tarek cake itself is only available in Ramadhan month.

Generally, it will be intended to break muslim people’s fasting in one day due to its sweet taste. Yes, you know it well that muslim people will prefer to break their fasting firstly by any kind of food or snack even a simple beverage which literally the taste are sweet. It is cannot deny so far that it had been taught in Islam to doing so. And gratefully, if you come to Lombok especially when Ramadhan is coming, you will eventually find this tarek cake easily there. But however, sometimes, in some other corners in Lombok also uniquely sell this cake even in just ordinary days. And it is cannot deny again that mostly the buyer will ends on the foreign visitors’ bag.

If you want to try the taste of this wonderful cake, you are very welcome to go to Lombok and ask some seller in each corner of public shop there, you will then easily arrived at ones and quite confused to choose which one of cake you have to buy. But yeah, buying all of them never hurts too anyway.

At least, it just will hurt your purse, okay I am just kidding. But please do not worry guys, because the price of the tarek cake itself is very affordable. You just need to take around fifteen thousand Rupiah for 150 gr of tarek cake. Hmm, is it very cheap, right? And ya, if you really fall in love with its taste and then decide to buy it much, you can take around twenty thousand Rupiah equals to the 250 gr of tarek cake.

However, the price of tarek cake sometimes also risen up and quite different in one another seller or shop, so make sure you are quite kind to share your money if you literally buying it just intend to help the civilians there.

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The other telescope–shaped cake in Lombok you have to buy is keciput. Keciput cake is quite often to be called as the onde–onde of Lombok due to its appearance that quite similar as onde–onde. Have you known onde–onde, guys?

Hmm, you are not quite friendly to Indonesian yaps? This onde–onde cake literally is one of many other yummy cakes which are also very affordable to find in every public space in Indonesia. If you are curious enough to know what is the taste or even the appearance like, please hit your Google and try to be closer to Indonesian uniqueness, hehe I am just kidding again.

The last unique cake in Lombok which is quite similar like telescope shape is seaweed taffy. Taffy itself if translated to Indonesian is “dodol”.

This snack one is very affordable to buy in many regions even small cities in Indonesia. But ya, in Lombok, the taffy is quite unique due to the civilians there are trying to use

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