Recipe and How to Make an Oreo Desert Box

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Recipe and How to Make an Oreo Desert Box
Recipe and How to Make an Oreo Desert Box/pinterest


After lunch, almost everyone usually continues to consume dessert or dessert. Dessert also has various types, ranging from traditional desserts to modern desserts. But the dessert that is currently viral is the modern dessert.
One of the modern desserts that are currently viral and have a delicious taste is the biscuit dessert box. This dessert box is already famous for its uniqueness because it has an addictive cream coating. This time, JALANJALANAJA has summarized how to make a dessert box easily.

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Ingredients :
- Oreo cookies
- Chocolate bar
- 200 gr liquid milk
- Margarine
- Vanilla extract
- 2 sachets of gelatin powder
- 200 gr heavy cream
- 1 tbsp maize flour

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How to make :
1. Bottom layer: Melt margarine and crush Oreos. Then unite the oreo with melted margarine and put it in a container
2. Middle layer: Add vanilla, agar-agar powder, and heavy cream into Teflon and mix well until thick and boiling. Turn off the heat then add the Oreos and stir gently until smooth. After all the ingredients are combined, pour it into a container as the middle layer and wait for it to cool.

3. Top layer: Add liquid milk, maize flour, and oil into Teflon over low heat and stir until thickened and boiling. After that, add the chocolate chips and stir until evenly distributed. then put it in a container as a top layer
4. Dessert box biscuit is ready to be enjoyed (NL)

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